This mod holds several commands for use in singleplayer (or if the server allows it, multiplayer). There are currently 3 commands that can be used.


The /create command can be used to create any known digimon from the mod. The name of this digimon must however be spelled with the correct capitalization.


/create <digimon name> (digimonlevel) (HP) (Attack) (Vitality) (Agility) (Brains) (Age) (tamername) (x) (y) (z)

But if you want to create a wild Yokomon at the appropriate level for the biome you simply do:

/create Yokomon

But if you want a tamed Yokomon you will have to fill in all the stats as well, for example:

/create Yokomon 5 50 70 71 72 73 10 Nanokarp

This command will give the player Nanokarp a level 5 Yokomon, with 50 HP, 70 Attack, 71 Vitality, 72 Agility, 73 Brains and an age of 10 (and a random Nature).

The digimon name is mandatory, but the rest is not. However, if you want the created digimon to be in your team, you have to give the other arguments in order for the command to recognize the given username as the tamer. Any other arguments that follow the last one you want to give are not mandatory to create the digimon but if the level is specified and not the HP, the digimon will have 20/999 HP. Not specifying the Attack, Vitality, Agility or Brains will give it 0 of the unspecified stat. Unspecifying stats after specifying the level (if the level is specified) may also result in a digimon without a Nature, meaning it will not be able to gain any stats during battles. So far there isn't a way to change Nature using commands.

Add Bits

The /addbits command can be used to give any given number of bits to the player that uses the command.


/addbits <number of bits>

Since the command is useless without the given number of bits, this argument is mandatory to give.

Give Bits

The /givebits command can be used in multiplayer to give the given amount of bits to another player.


/givebits <number of bits> <player to be given to>

Since the command is useless without the arguments, all arguments are mandatory to give.

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