The D-Power is an item that allows players to see the Stats and Digivolve/Degenerate Digimon, as well as giving access to the Digimon Interface. It can also be used to check the stats of wild Digimon. It comes in a variety of colors.
Name Ingredients Input >> Output Description
D-Power 3x Red Digizoid + 3x Case + Circuit Board + Computer Chip + LCD Screen
Used to access information about  Digimon.

Digivices can also be dyed different colors by placing a Digivice inside a Crafting Table along with your desired dye. Likewise, placing a colored Digivice and a Case in a Crafting Table will revert it to a colorless Digivice.

See also: Digivice, D3 DigiviceDatalink Digivice

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