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Welcome to the Digimobs Wiki

This is the Wiki for the Digimobs Minecraft mod.

Latest Digimobs version available in the Minecraft WIP forums or from the Digimobs forums :

Most,if not all the info here is for the latest iteration of the Digimobs mod. If you are watching a video that has stuff your version doesn't then please try to figure out which version they are playing and not edit any false information into the wiki. If you find any bugs with the latest version please PLEASE do not post comments on the wiki pages and instead post them at the Digimobs forums in the bug section, thank you.


Digimon in Minecraft!

What will you find in the untamed world of digital monsters?

To get started with Digimobs (after Installation of course) click here : Getting Started

These links will help you to find your way around this wiki :

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