The Digimon Interface is the primary way to interact with your Digimon. To access the Interface, press the "M" Key while your cursor is hovering over a Digimon.

Parts of the Partner Interface

When you select a partner Digimon, a blue tab appears on the bottom left corner of the screen. Several important parameters can be seen here.

  1. Command
    Name: The Digimon Species
  2. Health Bar: Shows the Digimon's current HP. When full or above 50%, the bar is green. When below 50% but over 25%, the bar becomes yellow. When the bar is 25% full or less, the bar becomes red. If the bar depletes, the Digimon dies.
  3. Energy Bar: Shows the Digimon's current Energy. If full, the bar is Blue. If above 50, the bar is green. if less than 50, the bar is yellow. Only Digimon with blue full bars can Digivolve.
  4. Hunger Bar: How hungry the Digimon is. Hunger varies between Digimon. If the Digimon is fed well, the bar is white. If the bar is red, the Digimon is hungry and won't move. If the Digimon is fed too much, the bar becomes purple, and a Failure Digivolution could occur.
  5. Type: A Digimon can be a Virus, Vaccine, or Data Type.
  6. Element: The elemental distiction of the Digimon. Some Digimon are strong or weak when fighting certain types.
  7. Attribute: The Digimon's physical charateristics.
  8. Happiness: The current happiness of the Digimon.
  9. Bits: The current amount of Bits the Tamer has. Bits are Digimon Currency, currently only used to buy items from Vending Machines.
  10. Command Wheel: The current commands of the Digimon. You can cycle through the commands using the "," Key, and then "." Key to execute the command.
  • Attack: When you select an entity, an enemy tab appears on the bottom right screen. If you execute Attack while one of your partners is selected, that Digimon will attack the selected entity.
  • Special: This command is currently unavailable.
  • Sit: Make the Digimon sit down wherever it is. Digimon slowly regain up to 75% of its health when sitting.
  • Follow: If a Digimon is sitting, it will stand and follow the Tamer.

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