The Digital World is the main Dimension in Digimobs. Introduced in (Beta) Part 1, the Digital World houses many Digimon and unique biomes to explore.

About the Digital World

To enter the Digital World, one must craft a Digiportal. The Digital World is inhabited by a multitude of Digimon. This Dimension is also the best place to obtain Huanglong Ore, as it is in abundance.

The Woodlands

2015-03-31 01.35.41

The serene Woodlands are the perfect place to raise young Digimon!

The Woodlands are home to the largest assortment of Digimon in the Digital World. Its green fields and soft canopy make it a paradise for Insect and Plant Digimon. However, Infant Digimon are usually the most common Digimon in this Biome. The Woodlands are also the only place where Fresh Digimon will spawn, probably due to the efforts of heroic Digimon such as Stingmon and MegaKabuterimon to protect them!

The Crag

2015-03-30 21.45.56

Open the door, get on the floor.

The Crag is a sandy and desert-esqe Biome that houses many Dinosaur Digimon. If you like hot sand and monstrous Dinosaurs, this Biome's for you!

The Highlands

2015-03-30 22.01.33

The air here, clean as it is, is also very thin. Practice regulating your breathing if you're traveling though here!

The Highlands is dotted with massive mountains and floating islands. This Biome's clean air and gorgeous view attracts many Avian and Beast Digimon. Holy Digimon are also found here, as the Highlands are believed to be the closest point to the heavens.

The Deadlands

2015-03-30 21.42.39

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here...

The barren wasteland known as the Deadlands is a nesting place for villiany. Dangerous and nefarious Digimon make their living here by stealing and attacking travelers. Be wary as you pass though, as the Deadlands are the home of the toughest and most remorseless Digimon around!

The Trench

2015-03-31 01.35.14

Water, water everywhere...

A vast and seemingly bottomless ocean that housed a multitude of Aquatic Digimon. Crossing this sea can be difficult when looking for its undersea inhabitants.

The Mudlands

2015-04-02 23.49.28

It's the mud bath you never wanted!

The barren and marshy looking Mudlands is home to earth-loving Digimon. The ground is soft and muddy, so watch your step! 


2015-03-30 22.37.56

Dragons make themselves right at home in this Biome!

Igneous Digirock comprises the terrain of the Volcano Biome. Dragon and Fire-based Digimon make their home in this Biome. Traveling through this area is strenuous due to the hard earth and large lava flows. This is one of the few Biomes where it doesn't rain.


2015-03-31 03.09.38

I wonder... if these are ruins, just what was here before?

Machine Digimon make their home in the Ruins Biomes. Digizoid structures and metalic trees dot the landscape.


2015-03-31 03.13.45

The icy silence of the Glacier usually staves of all travelers.

The icy Glacier Biome houses Digimon who feel at home in the cold. Few can survive in this Biome alone due to the bitter cold and infrequent but harsh snowstorms.

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