There are 6 types of Digizoid, all used in various crafting recipes. It isn't found at all in the Overworld, only 2 of the 6 types can be found in the Digiworld, with the other 4 needing to be crafted in a Crafting Table.

Any vanilla Minecraft pickaxe will mine Digizoid, but it'll take forever for anything below Diamond to mine even Chrome Digizoid. Digizoid Pickaxes will mine all Digizoid much faster.

Used to create Digizoid Tools and other recipes.

Type Rarity
Chrome Digizoid Needs to be crafted
Red Digizoid Common (found in structures in the Ruins Biome) and underneath the lavasprings in the Volcano biome
Blue Digizoid Common (in structures, in the Ruins biome)
Gold Digizoid Needs to be crafted
Black Digizoid Needs to be crafted
Obsidian Digizoid Needs to be crafted
Type Recipe
Chrome Digizoid
Red Digizoid
Blue Digizoid
Gold Digizoid
Black Digizoid
Obsidian Digizoid

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