Welcome to the Installation Page. Here the various version releases of Digimobs will be described how to install. Please take note that some methods may not work as they were made in the previous launcher but may still work. These are ordered in Minecraft version then Digimobs version. All future versions should be playable straight from the mods folder created by Forge.

For Forge go here : Forge, Legacy builds for older versions.

And Digimobs releases from one of these two :

Generic Forge installation way:

  • Install Forge
  • Run Minecraft
  • Download Digimobs
  • Open %appdata% then .minecraft
  • Open "mods" folder
  • Drag Digimobs inside
  • Restart Minecraft

If you download a .zip it should be extracted. It should go straight into the mods folder. If it doesn't work please seek help on our forums as linked to above or attempt the non extracted version at least once.

1.7.2 and up

All versions

Generic Forge Way.


version 0.8.5

Generic Forge Way. This method includes 0.8.5(a) as well.

version 0.8.4

Generic Forge Way.

version 0.8.3

You will need to first install Forge. The Recommended version of Forge for Minecraft 1.6.4 works. Using the Automatic installer is the easiest option. After installing forge, you have 2 options to install this version of Digimobs.

1) - Using the mods folder. You will need to re-organise the Digimobs zipped folder that you should have downloaded. You need to unzip the file, and extract the 1 folder inside. Now go inside this extracted folder, you will see 2 new folders and 2 text files. These 4 objects need to be re-zipped, using WinRar will be the easiest, however when zipping, you need to make sure it is saved as a ".zip" otherwise it will not work. After this you can put Digimobs straight into the mods folder. In %appdata% there is .minecraft then inside that is the mods folder, placing the zip file here and ten running Minecraft whilst creating a new profile but selecting the Minecraft version with Forge installed will allow you to play Digimobs.

2) - Straight into the jar file. Unzipping the downloaded Digimobs file will have 1 folder inside. Inside this folder has 2 folders and 2 text files. You must find the version of Minecraft that has been installed with Forge and open the .jar file with a zip program such as WinRar. After opening this file, you need to drag the two folders "assets" and "digimobs" into here. Close all windows and run Minecraft. Creating a new profile and then selecting the minecraft version you have made with Digimobs installed will allow you to play.


version 0.8.2

version 0.8.1

version 0.8.0


version 0.8.0(final preview)

version 0.8.0(preview 2)


version 0.8.0(preview 1)


These guides may be bad but will get better over time. They will also be filled in over time. If you cannot follow them, ask for help on the Digimobs Forum or search Youtube for an install guide. If you are using a pirated version of Minecraft or a pirated version of Digimobs from a different site other than the MinecraftForums (will transfer to CurseForge) or the Digimobs forums. then no help shall be given. Some older versions have been removed from this list as they are no longer available for download.

If you do have trouble after several attempts of installing, PLEASE go to Digimobs forum. You can also try an older version of Forge if it doesn't show in your mod list, this may fix it, if not, again, to the digimobs forums. I will go through each version of digimobs and attempt to install myself, noting the forge version used. Give me time, and all info needed will be provided.

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