Riding Gloves are a craftable item which can be used to ride, fly, and swim on certain tamed Digimon.

Name Crafting components Crafting recipe Item description
Riding Gloves

1 Blue Digizoid + 4 Red Digizoid

(The bottom row must be empty)

Soft gloves, useful for... (riding certain Digimon)

How to ride your Digimon


Ride like the wind, MetalGarurumon!

In order to ride a Digimon, Riding Gloves are required. Note that you can only ride certain Digimon (see lists below), and that they must be tamed by you to do so. To mount your Digimon, right-click on them with the Riding Gloves in your hand. Digimon move in the direction of your crosshair when the "W" key is pressed, so you'll need to steer by moving your mouse. If a Digimon is able to fly, simply point your crosshair upwards and press "W". To descend, do the opposite -- aim the crosshair down and press "W". Digimon cannot jump, but will automatically climb over obstacles that are 1 block tall or less. Dismounting your Digimon can be done by pressing the left shift key.

Digimon that can be ridden

Digimon that can be flown

Digimon that can be swum on

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