Ride like the wind, MetalGarurumon!

The Riding Gloves are a craftable item which can be used to ride and fly Digimon. Right-Click a  Digimon  with the Riding Gloves in your hand to get on the Digimon's back and control where it moves. If a Digimon is able to fly, simply point your mouse upwards and move forward, it will go where your mouse points. Only Digimon that the player has tamed can be ridden or flown. Digimon use the normal movement controls although they cannot jump. Pressing Left Shift will dismount the Digimon.

Name Ingredients Input >> Output Description
Riding Gloves

1x Blue Digizoid + 4x Red Digizoid 

The bottom row must be empty!

Used to ride Digimon.

Digimon that are ridable:

Digimon that can be flown:

Digimon that can swim underwater:

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