• Level: Champion
  • Type: Virus
  • Attribute: Beast
  • Element: Earth
  • Found at:
  1. Mudlands
  • Digivolves from:
  1. Chuumon
    1. Level: 22+
    2. Age: 6+
    3. Happiness: 65+
  • Digivolution(s):
  1. KingSukamon
    1. Level: 40+
    2. Age: 1+
    3. Happiness: 1+
    4. Lvl 40+ PlatinumSukamon nearby
    5. Rookie Form: Chuumon
  • Other notes:
  1. Overfeeding any Rookie Level Insect, Plant, or Holy Digimon will cause Digivolution into Sukamon.
  2. Make sure that when DNA Digivolving, the Digimon digivolved from the form listed! If spawned in with the /create command, degenerate to the appropriate level, then digivolve back again to be able to DNA Digivolve.
  3. Degeneration of Sukamon will always result in Chuumon.
  4. Subspecies: PlatinumSukamon
  5. To find out about DNA Digivolution: Digivolving
  6. Model by MrsKnightDemon
  7. Texture by KnightDemon

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