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Come on, I won't bite. You probably will though...

In Digimobs, there are currently two ways to obtain a Digimon of your very own. One way is to hatch a Digiegg. This page covers the other way: Taming a Digimon.

Only In-Training and Rookie Level Digimon can be tamed.

Current 0.9.3 methods :

  • Taming Items

Previous methods :

Taming Items

Whilst wandering through the world of Minecraft with Digimobs installed, you may come across Items that Digimon enjoy, or dislike.. A full list will be shown below. Or if you happen to kill a Digimon, it may drop some. The item needed changes with a Digimon's species.

Feeding a digimon it's favorite food will make it easier to tame. Feeding a digimon a neutral food will still tame it, but it will take a larger amount of food. Feeding a digimon it's disliked food will make it harder to tame.

Vanilla foods from Minecraft no longer count towards a digimon's favorite/disliked food. They do, however, still affect a digimon's weight/energy/Health

Species Favorite Food Disliked Food Description Items in Category
Dragon Meats Nuts Dropped by Dragon Digimon and Beast Digimon. Can be planted. Can be eaten Small Meat, Large Meat, Sirloin, Moldy Meat
Beast Nuts Vegetables Can be found in the trees of certain biomes. Can be eaten. Acorn, Golden Acorn, Sweet Nut
Avian Vegetables Plants Dropped by Avian Digimon. Can be eaten. Hawk Radish, Super Veggy, Super Carrot, Muscle Yam
Insect Fruits Vegetables Found growing in trees of certain biomes. Can be eaten. Red Berry, Calm Berry, Big Berry, Blue Apple, Chain Melon, Orange Banana, Power Fruit
Plant Plants Meats Found growing in wilds. Digishroom, Happyshroom, Iceshroom, Deluxshroom, Rain Plant.
Aquan Aquan Foods Fruits Currently drop from Aquan digimon. Can be eaten. DigiTrout, Digi Black Trout, DigiSnapper, DigiCatfish, DigiSeaBass
Machine Mechanical Parts Organic Foods Dropped by digimon. Gears, Circuit Board, Computer Chip, DigiCase,
Holy Holy Items Dark Items Dropped by Holy digimon. Digi-Core, Ankh
Evil Dark Items Holy Items Dropped Evil Digimon Dark Digi-Core, Corrupted Data

After Taming?

After Taming a Digimon, what do you do next? Well, you can craft a Datalink Digivice so that you can check thier stats. Not only that, but your Digimon will now help out with fighting against hostile mobs and Digimon. You can gather Bytes from other Digimon to make your Digimon Digivolve into a stronger form and explore your world with your Partner at your side. And who said you could only get one? Tame lots of interesting Digimon and become the greatest of Digimon Tamers!

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