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Come on, I won't bite. You probably will though...

In Digimobs, there are currently two ways to obtain a Digimon of your very own. One way is to hatch a Digiegg, but this page covers the other way: Taming a Digimon.

Only In-Training and Rookie Level Digimon can be tamed.

Current 0.9.3 methods :

  • Taming Items

Previous methods :

  • Digicage
  • Acorns (only)
  • Digirope
  • D-Power

Taming Items

Whilst wandering through the world of Minecraft with Digimobs installed, you may come across Items that Digimon enjoy. A full list will be shown below. Or if you happen to kill a Digimon, it may drop some. The item needed changes with a Digimon's species.

Species Item Description
Dragon Meat Dropped by Dragon Digimon and can be planted. Can be eaten
Beast Acorns Dropped by Beast Digimon. Can be eaten.
Avian Feathers Dropped by Chickens.
Insect Flowers Found growing in wilds.
Plant Mushrooms Found growing in wilds.
Aquan Fish Fish them from water source.
Machine Gears Dropped by Machine digimon.
Holy Digicores Dropped by Holy digimon.
Evil Bones Dropped by skeletons.

Holding these the Digimon that likes the food in your hand will follow you, but if you right-click an un-tamed Digimon, it will eat it. After a fair amount of these the Digimon may become tamed. It is suggested you collect 10 or more of an item before attempting to tame.

After Taming?

After Taming a Digimon, what do you do next? Well, you can craft a Datalink Digivice so that you can check thier stats. Not only that, but your Digimon will now help out with fighting against hostile mobs and Digimon. You can gather Bytes from other Digimon to make your Digimon Digivolve into a stronger form and explore your world with your Partner at your side. And who said you could only get one? Tame lots of interesting Digimon and become the greatest of Digimon Tamers!

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