Training Equipment are blocks that can be placed down and used to train individual stats of a Digimon. Each of the placed blocks can only be used once a day, but if you place down more than one of the same block, each one can be used once a day. On multiplayer servers, only one person can use a block per day. If a block has been used that day, nobody else can use it until the cooldown is complete.

To use the Training Equipment blocks you have to have your Digimon selected, and right click the block. It will then say that your Digimon has gained some stat exp. If you have recently trained your Digimon with that particular block, it will tell you to wait longer before you can reuse it. The cooldown on individual blocks is one full Minecraft day/night cycle.

Training a Digimon this way will gain it a certain amount of stat exp, this however comes at a price of Weight and Happiness. Each time you train your Digimon, there is a small chance of yielding 25 or 35 exp instead of 15.


If you let your Digimon's happiness drop below 0 it will turn into a Corrupted, however if you're training an egg, it'll simply disappear! Keep track of their happiness when training them!

Training Equipment Ingredients Recipe Stat Gain Weight/Happiness Loss
Wooden Treadmill 3x Digiwood Planks + 3x Gold Digizoid
+15/25/35 Agi exp -10 weight/-3 happiness
Wooden Studybook 2x Digiwood Planks + 3x Gold Digizoid
+15/25/35 Brn exp -10 weight/-3 happiness
Wooden Boxing Glove 2x Digiwood Planks + 3x Gold Digizoid
+15/25/35 Def exp -10 weight/-3 happiness
Wooden Punching Bag 3x Digiwood Planks + 3x Gold Digizoid
+15/25/35 Off exp -10 weight/-3 happiness

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