Brings back memories, don't it?

The V-Pet is an item used to store and manage Digimon. This Item comes in a variety of colors.

The functions of the V-Pet are as followed:

  • Store Digimon for travel
  • Look at a Digimon's Stats
  • Nickname Digimon

To store a Digimon, right-click the Digimon with a V-Pet in hand. The Digimon must be selected with the "M" key to store it. To release the Digimon, right click with the V-Pet. Only one Digimon can be stored in a V-Pet at a time.

To check a Digimon's stats, press Shift and Right-Click while holding a V-Pet with a Digimon stored inside.

Name Ingredients Input>>Output Notes
V-Pet Computer Chip

 + Circuit Board + LCD Screen + 2x Case + 3x Black Digizoid + Dye

Different colored V-Pet are achieved by placing the correspondant dye in the top-center block (ex. Rose Red makes a Red V-Pet)

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